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pressed flower box


You can now start your own graceful journey of vintage floral living with an authentic heart with the beautiful and thoughtfully put together pressed flower box. Included in this box is the following for you to DIY:

  • flower press – there is something nostalgic and beautiful about the art of flower pressing. Pressed flowers preserve a moment in time. They keep a fleeting moment, a season, a joy alive, almost forever. There are endless possibilities to create.
  • set of 2 blank A6 acrylic frames – arrange your pressed flowers in creative patterns inside these frames to create your very own botanical art, to display on the walls and shelves of your home, office, yoga studio, nursery or craft room. 2 glass supports per set included, to mount to a wall.
  • set of 6 blank gift tags – the over-sized gift tags adds attention to detail to a little parcel, (even a big one!), a jar full of pretty pink marshmallows or some hand-picked flowers. Fill the front with your pressed flowers, and write something special on the back of it! Light pink bakers twine included.
  • set of 4 blank A6 greeting cards & envelopes – cover the front of it with your pressed flowers, and fill the space on the inside with beautiful words to make someone feel so loved!

Need to write some beautiful words to accompany this? Then add a greeting card.

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