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daisy hand sanitiser


Daisy (Spiritual connotation: cleansed)


I produced a small batch of hand sanitiser to help you stay safe during the days to come. When I started developing it, I was very tempted to create it in true Miss Milly style with all the flowers and whistles. And yet I decided against it. I wanted to create something that was different to my normal, a new normal. Something subtle and understated and yet effective. Stripped from all the qualities, such as shape, colour, and form that pleases our aesthetic senses, especially sight.

And so Daisy was born. From a place of hope.

It comes in a beautiful yet simple amber glass bottle (because no thank you to plastic!) with an atomizer spray. It also has a crisp white vinyl on the front, as well as a label on the back with the ingredients.

I am sending these out into the world with a prayer – to give you hope and something to hold onto.

Ingredients: Isopropyl alcohol 70%, Hydrogen peroxide 3%, Vegetable glycerine.

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