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I have a love for fragrance – whether it is perfume, freshly picked Sweet pea flowers, vanilla tea, or a candle – they all tick my happy boxes. When I travel I always take a candle along and burn it wherever I stay. It brings a sense of familiarity and comfort. At home, we burn candles when having dinner and I love lighting one when I read Scripture. There is something about the warm light it sheds and the fragrance that perfumes the air that makes me feel I belong.

I wanted a candle that could make you feel the same and that showed the heart of Miss Milly and tried my hand at creating soy wax candles. With a little help (okay – a lot!) from my husband the Sweet Pea & Vanilla candles were made in our kitchen, in the beautiful and hot Lowveld, where we live. They are lovingly hand-poured to ± 200ml and comes in a clear glass vessel with beautiful vintage floral vinyl flowers or hearts. They make a beautiful gift and will bring you comfort and nurture your soul.

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