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acrylic frame vinyl


Carefully and beautifully preserved and pressed blossoms make for the most beautiful décor. Arrange your pressed flowers in creative patterns inside these frames to create your very own botanical art, to display on the walls and shelves of your home, office, yoga studio, nursery or craft room.

Pressed flowers preserve a moment in time. They remind you of a moment in time: that 1st flower he picked for you on an afternoon walk, the daisy chain you made for your little girl while playing in your garden, your favourite flowers from your wedding bouquet, the blooming buds from your Spring picnic… They keep a fleeting moment, a season, a joy alive, almost forever.

These make for the most beautiful housewarming, baby or bridal shower gift! A set of 2 clear acrylic frames with 2-4 glass supports per set available in 2 sizes (A4 and A5) with a quality white vinyl print with the following words:

// A4

– “even in the dark soil a seed is becoming something beautiful”

– “may the flowers remind us why the rain was so necessary”

// A5

– “collect beautiful moments”

– “grace upon grace”

– “live now in this precious moment”

– “wherever life plants you bloom with grace”

Need a flower press? You can now start your own graceful journey of vintage floral living with an authentic heart with the classic and beautiful Miss Milly flower press.


Additional information

acrylic frame vinyl

A4 / even in the dark soil, A4 / may the flowers remind us, A5 / collect beautiful moments, A5 / grace upon grace, A5 / live now, A5 / wherever life plants you

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