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the world of Miss Milly

Hello there and welcome to the pretty world of Miss Milly – a graceful journey of vintage floral living with an authentic heart. A place where you will get lost in whimsy, vintage flowers and paper pretties!

Miss Milly is a pretty vintage floral stationery & lifestyle studio & online shoppe. We create authentic, whimsy, pastel colour paper products reminiscent of an English country garden with a whole lot of heart, to make your life a little more beautiful. If you love stationery, all things paperie, soft colours and flowers and authenticity – you have come to the right place! All our products are lovingly designed and made in beautiful South Africa.

The Miss Milly paperie studio is based in the beautiful (and hot!) Lowveld. And it’s here amongst trees and wildlife, big skies and little miracles, that all the pretties are born and take shape before finding a home in your hands.

the mrs behind Milly

I am Theresa – the dreamer of the Miss Milly dreams. A lover of all things pink and the maker of the pretties.

I think life is all about God. Vintage floral washi tape. Being creative and happy. It’s about love. Pink ice-cream. Lace. Dreams. Sincere friendships and Vanilla Chai tea. It’s about peonies. Mondays. Pretty things. Afternoon naps. Vintage and the Karoo. It’s about Rhinos, baba bokkies and hasies. Percale linen. Gorgeous stationery. Carrot cake and forests.

These are the things that make my soul do ballerina jumps!

I dream of living a s l o w life. Making memories. Taking long walks, living in the moment and going to bed at night with a grateful heart.

Six years ago my husband’s (then boyfriend) lifelong dream came true to work in anti-poaching. He is a true conservationist with an incredible passion for Rhinos and their protection. The first 3 years were endless goodbyes as he was deployed for a month at a time, many tears, long, lonely and very stressful nights when he was leading his team to the battlefield. During the day I could keep my mind busy with my 9-5 but with night the enemy would come and I would pace around the house for hours, restless and worried about his safety.

During this time I discovered washi tape and fell head-over-heels with the vintage floral design. I washi-taped EVERYTHING because it was just the loveliest print I had ever seen. It made for the most beautiful brooches, earrings, etc. – transforming the ordinary into pretty.  And suddenly the nights became shorter and my mind was still as I prayed while working.

In my stillness and prayers a new dream started to fill my heart – the dream of my own stationery range. I knew I had to bring the vintage floral print to life through my designs and at the same time, combined my love for paper, with it. The first range was born and I called her Dearest Milly. Although we live under the same roof these days, he is still away from home 2 weeks a month and my hands and heart still seeks beauty with my paper pretties.

Miss Milly is a little bit like a meadow – filled with romantic flowers in soft colours – it has become my refuge and safe place when I have to hide from the battle that is all around. It brings beauty among the harshness and reality and sadness of this war that they are fighting every single day. It is living with an authentic heart – a heart that has taken time to know what it means to be human. To live with feelings, emotions, hurts and joy.

Miss Milly dreams

One day I am going to have a little Miss Milly shop in Prince Albert in the Karoo. In the afternoons I will sit on my stoep, wearing a big rimmed hat while sipping on a glass of red wine and staring over the vastness of the beautiful landscape. In the mornings, while watering my rose bushes I’ll talk to my Maker. Then I’ll put on a floral skirt, walk to my shop and open the big glass doors wide and invite the world with love and a smile into the prettiness that is Miss Milly.

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