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Miss Milly is like a meadow filled with wild flowers in soft colours, brought to life through my designs.

If you know me well you will know that I have a love for paper and writing. Over the years I have built up a big enough collection of stationery and paper pretties to start a small retail store. I kid you not.

It inspired me to design my own stationery collection and called the first one Dearest Milly.

A combination of whimsy and pretty and floral with curly fonts reminiscent of an English country garden where sweet flowers grow and perfume the air.

Dearest Milly reminds us that life is short and beautiful and fragile. That we need to cherish it. To live in the moment. For the moment. To be truly IN the moment. To send that message. To make that phone call. To take that picture. To have that last piece of chocolate (or carrot cake!). To say I love you as many times as it takes. And to live life with abundance.

A year down the line and Love Milly collection followed.

Love Milly is soft coloured hearts with a hint of vintage floral, a sprinkle of magic and a whole lot of heart.

Love Milly encourages you to choose love. In everything you do. To be kind and gentle. To show compassion and understanding as you travel through this beautiful life.

To spend time with the ones you keep close to your heart. To appreciate them and always choose love. Always.

The collection thereafter – Petite Milly is really close to my heart.

Petite Milly is a weave of adorable little critters with grace in their hearts and flowers in their hair… Well on their heads!

Petite Milly inspires you to live with grace. And gratitude and joy. To have the courage to stay true to yourself.

And in between all of that – to find the time to add a little whimsy, to put a flower in your hair and to live with intention.

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