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hello there & welcome

to our little wild flower online shop.

Inspired by a love of nature. A season of living authentically. The search for beauty and hope. The joy of friendship and kindness. Living with a grateful heart for health and life and everything in between. Chasing everyday magic. Dreaming of simplicity. Slow and intentional living. Finding pockets of beauty in the ordinary. Having courage and quiet strength and persevering against all odds. Created with you in mind.

small business with a big heart

Lovingly designed and handmade in small batches at a slow pace with love and patience, with heart and beauty – in the small studio based in the beautiful and hot Lowveld.

for the gift-givers of the world

Shop beautiful & meaningful gifts for the ones you keep close to your heart.

gift wrapping essentials

Stock up on beautiful gift wrapping essentials and be ready for every occasion & celebration under the sun.

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